2010-11-19: 06:08 UTC     Roundcube 0.4.2 Database Reset

It turns out that our Roundcube 0.4.2 MySQL database structure, which was converted from 0.3, is a bit of a mess. The migration script supplied by Roundcube seems to have missed some indexes, constraints, and most importantly character encoding on tables and columns. We've applied some fixes, but odd problems are still cropping up.

We need to reset the database using the proper initialization SQL statements, but our testing shows that we won't be able to import the old data due to some inconsistencies. This means that after the database is reset, your settings will be lost, but your folders and email won't be affected. When you log back into Roundcube, it will be like logging in for the first time.

The database reset is scheduled for Thursday, November 25 at 1:00AM EST.

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