2016-04-09: 18:16 UTC     New *.mxes.net certificate


MD5 Fingerprint:

SHA1 Fingerprint:

SHA256 Fingerprint:

2016-04-09: 15:17 UTC     *.mxes.net certificate problem

Please bear with us as we work to resolve a certificate security issue that may be causing "invalid certificate" warnings when trying to receive or send email. ETA for a fix is about two hours as of this message. Note that incoming email is not affected.

In the meantime, you can use https://webmail.tuffmail.net/ to access your email via webmail.

You may also accept the old certificate and continue to connect to the server as per normal if your client software is reporting this certificate fingerprint:

UPDATE 2016-04-09 1:30 EDT (17:30 UTC)
Problem has been resolved.

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