2015-01-20: 10:47 UTC     Network congestion/service interruptions

Our upstream network provider is experiencing extremely high network loads, causing intermittent interruptions to all Tuffmail services. The issue is under active investigation and we expect a resolution within 1-2 hours. We thank you for your patience.

UPDATE 2014-01-20 8:15AM EST

The situation has been resolved. The duration of the service interruption lasted from approximately 5:25AM EST to 7:25AM EST.

UPDATE 2014-01-20 10:00AM EST

The problem has returned. One of our network providers is currently experiencing a major denial of service attack that is overwhelming their routers. Some customers will experience intermittent service disruptions in the form of slow or broken connections. Please stand by while we address the issue.

UPDATE 2014-01-20 1:25PM EST

All services should now be accessible and connections should be stable, however data transfer rates might be slower than normal, which would appear as slow email loading times and messages remaining in your outbox longer than usual.

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