2012-11-13: 11:52 UTC     Data Center Power Outage

The data center hosting our equipment suffered a major power failure at approximately 6:25AM EST this morning, causing all Tuffmail services to go offline.

Power was restored at approximately 6:45AM EST. Service will be restored as our equipment initializes. It may take 1-2 hours to restore access to your mailboxes. No email is expected to be lost.

Check here for updates.

The IMAP/POP mail machines are still awaiting power. ETA is approximately 10:00AM EST. You will not have access your inbox or be able to log in via webmail during this time.

Mailbox/webmail access is still unavailable for the majority of our users. ETA is now 11:00AM EST. The manager interface is currently offline. ETA is also 11:00AM EST.

Mailbox access has been restored to all users. The inbound mail queues are significantly backed up, which means that email will be arriving slowly over the next few hours.

Webmail and the Management Interface are still unavailable. ETA for those services is now 1:00PM EST.

Webmail and the Management Interface are back in service. Remaining issues:

- Real-time reports are non-functional.
- Some users may not be able to log in if they've changed their password.
- Inbound email is still backed up by about 30 minutes.
- Remote box polls have been offline since the beginning of the power outage. They've just been restored to service (2:35PM EST)

All services have been restored - please contact support@tuffmail.net if you are still experiencing problems.

2012-11-08: 20:52 UTC     Delayed email / Login problems

Some users are reporting missing email and IMAP/POP login difficulties. We are investigating the matter and will post an update when we have more information or have resolved the problem.


Login problems should be resolved. We're working on restoring email that was received between 1-2PM EST. ETA is about 2-3 hours.

2012-11-08: 19:43 UTC     Mail Delays

A Hardware failure has caused a delvery delay of up to 1 hours and 45 minutes for some customers. The problem has been corrected and all queued up mail will be delivered shortly to your mailboxes.

2012-11-08: 18:19 UTC     Mail Outages

IMAP, POP3, SMTP, Webmail, and Managesieve access was disrupted for a portion of our customers from 1:01PM to 1:08PM (EST) today.

The problem was resolved and service should be back to normal. If you're still experiencing trouble, please email us at support@tuffmail.net.

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