2011-09-21: 01:52 UTC     Updated Asian IP address blocklist

The asia.spamsources.mxes.net blocklist has received a major update. The list contains most of the CIDR blocks for the following countries, which represent our top sources of spam from Asia:
  • India
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • Pakistan
  • China
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Sri Lanka

You can check for rejected email attempts from those countries by selecting 'Accounts -> Real-Time Reports' from top menu in the Account Manager, clicking a link in the 'Rejects' column, and then looking for 'Client blocked using asia.spamsources.mxes.net' in the list. For example:
Client blocked using asia.spamsources.mxes.net
   1 P sydney@bestworks.ws                     15:32:28          linux2-9.gabia.com[]                            www.miraevein.com

If you wish to whitelist a sender, copy either the the envelope sender address (sydney@bestworks.ws in the above example), the client hostname (linux2-9.gabia.com), or the IP address ( and add it to your account's Allow/Deny list. Select 'Account -> Allow/Deny List' and paste the sender in the 'Entry' field, check the 'MX' box, and click 'Add Address'.

If you want to disable the asia.spamsources.mxes.net blocklist, uncheck the 'B4 Reject Most Asian IP Addresses' MX restriction for your address. Select 'Domain -> Addresses' to access the MX restriction controls.

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