2011-07-11: 06:55 UTC     New webmail.tuffmail.net SSL certificate

A new RapidSSL certificate was installed on the webmail site webmail.tuffmail.net.

These are the certificate fingerprints:

SHA1: 49 00 0C CB EA 3C D6 73 FD FF B1 2D 3A 6E D1 8C 0D 1C F9 BF MD5: 12 1F 0A 35 D3 C7 80 F8 EA C9 CE 70 AF 46 CB 5E

2011-07-11: 06:46 UTC     Roundcube 0.5.3 available

Roundcube 0.5.3 is available on the webmail client site:


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