2009-07-20: 23:36 UTC     Hotmail box polls

Hotmail has announced that POP3 access is now available for all Hotmail users. The WebDAV protocol used to access Hotmail is still working for some Hotmail accounts but Hotmail has stated that they will discontinue WebDAV access completely.

If your current Hotmail poll stops working, use these settings instead of the Hotmail protocol.

Server: pop3.live.com
Protocol: POP3
Check the 'Use SSL' box

New Hotmail polls should use the settings above.

2009-07-14: 23:14 UTC     Outbound MX relay IP addresses

Customers with MX relay accounts should be allowing the following CIDR block through their firewalls.

A third MX relay instance has been added and a fourth may be addded in the future.

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