2008-04-22: 00:42 UTC     Ignore email titled 'March invoice'

Some customers were sent an invoice notice for resellers by mistake. Please ignore that message if you are not a reseller.

2008-04-15: 04:42 UTC     Several machines down

IMAP servers ms1.mxes.net and ms6.mxes.net have been switched to their replicas. The incoming mail queues are draining. No mail will be lost.

Several IMAP servers are unreachable. We suspect a power problem. Services are being switched to replicas.

2008-04-01: 15:47 UTC     Mail delay

ClamAV died on one MX server and our monitoring system failed to detect that due to a configuration error. A good amount of mail is queued and the queue is draining. This weekend we will force a failure on all systems to double check the monitoring system. Its running on a new server with new software. Sorry for the mail delay.

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