2007-11-27: 02:00 UTC     Rejects to catchall addresses are being logged again

A reasonable limit to the number of catchall rejects logged will be established. Logging 1,000,000 rejects to a single catchall address is not reasonable.

2007-11-20: 00:40 UTC     Evil catchall addresses and reject reports

Messages rejected by MX restrictions for a catchall address will not appear in the reject reports for part of today and going forward. This change will eliminate about 50,000,000 rows from the report database speeding up queries considerably. Catchall addresses were useful when 90%+ of email was not spam, malware, and backscatter. That time is long gone.

2007-11-02: 18:20 UTC     Routing issues

Cogent, cogentco.com, is one of our upstream networks and they have some routing issues that are affecting our customers that transit Cogent's network. Some customers in Canada are affected and possibly elsewhere. This issue was resolved by bouncing our BGP session which caused the affected Cogent routers to see the correct routes.

2007-11-02: 18:20 UTC     Roundcube email client updated

The latest beta release of the Roundcube email client has been installed on a temporary beta site along with PHP5. Many bugs have been fixed in this release of Roundcube.

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