2005-10-25: 10:30 UTC     Office telephone outage

Update Oct 31, 2005: Telephone service was restored this past weekend.

We had dialtone and working lines yesterday but this morning nothing. Problem is most likely due to batteries failing in one of the BellSouth fiber huts. We have no estimate to when telephone service will be restored.

2005-10-24: 17:30 UTC     Desktop client access

Late this morning a problem with the IMAP and POP multiplexors caused some connections to timeout. Webmail and SMTP services were not affected. The exact time and duration of this problem is lost in the blur of the day resulting from dealing with hurricane Wilma last night and this morning. The duration was most likely less than 90 minutes.

2005-10-15: 14:00 UTC     Real time reports

Real-time reporting of messages rejected by the MX servers, messages infected with viruses that were discarded, and messages delivered to mailboxes was added to the Account Manager last week in an expanded beta test. Real-time reporting is available for hosted email accounts and for will be for MX relay customers later this month.

The last known bug was fixed today and with that fix the delivery reports now include messages accepted for forwarding to external accounts as well as messages that will be delivered to mailboxes. Fixing this bug required deleting all delivery data prior to 1400 EDT, 1800 UTC, today.

Because of the huge number of unknown address rejections due to backscatter from addresses forged by spammers and viruses, the reject reports include only a count of those messages.

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