2005-07-21: 04:00 UTC     Scheduled Maintenance Friday, July 22

Between 0030 and 0045 EDT, 0430 and 0445 UTC, our colocation provider will be upgrading line cards in one of the border routers. There will be two periods of brief routing instability while routing is moved from and back to the router being upgraded.

2005-07-02: 14:13 UTC     Scheduled Maintenance Sunday, July 3

Between 1200 and 1230 EDT, 1600 and 1630 UTC, we will be updating the software on the backend IMAP servers in preparation for supporting near real-time replication of IMAP events to the backup IMAP servers.

This update requires restarting the IMAP servers. IMAP and POP3 access will not be available during the update. This update is expected take between 5 and 15 minutes.

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