2004-08-28: 14:22 UTC     HTML compose added to Squirrelmail

Squirrelmail support for composing a message in HTML format was added earlier this month. HTML compose can be enabled on the 'Options -> Display Preferences' page. The selection is near the bottom of the page. HTML compose will work with recent versions of Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

A module has been added to Squirrelmail that can manage IMAP folder access lists. IMAP access lists allow you to share one or more of your mailbox folders with others.

2004-08-26: 18:18 UTC     Sieve script access

Direct access to Sieve scripts is now permitted by connecting to mail.mxes.net port 2000 using the MANAGSIEVE protocol. Mulberry is the only mail client we know of that can manage Sieve scripts.

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