2004-05-31: 23:25 UTC     Trainable Bayes classifier available

Per mailbox Bayesian classification has been added to all qualifying accounts. The Bayesian classifier is not enabled by default and it must be trained before it will function. The classifier configuration is located under the 'Manage Mailboxes' menu selection.

2004-05-31: 21:00 UTC     Unscheduled outage

We experienced an unscheduled outage from 1515 EDT to 1625 EDT 2015 UTC). This outage was due to an OC-12 line card failure in an upstream switch and intermittent connectivity problems via backup routes.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this outage.

2004-05-02: 13:37 UTC     Trainable Bayes classifier

Later this month per mailbox trainable Bayesian classification will be available. To accommodate this new capability modifications to the Account Manager have been made that allow an 'Access Policy' to be enabled to provide Allow/Deny lists without having to enable spam scoring on that policy. To reflect this change in functionality, what was a 'Spam Scoring Policy' is now called an 'Access Policy'.

This change does not impact any existing 'Spam Scoring Policies' other than a name change and adding a check box to disable spam scoring if desired. When the classifier is available you can choose to use it by itself or in conjunction with the existing spam scoring system to identify spam.

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